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Historical Places in Murshidabad:

Murshidabad District Museum

The Murshidabad District Museum The only Museum of the district Murshidabad District Museum is situated at Jiaganj on the land donate by Late Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan who played a significant role in the establishment of the Museum. In the year 1962 Late Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan donated the sculptures and the antiques also to the West Bengal Government which are still displayed in the museum for the visitors.The construction of this museum was started by the West Bengal Government in 1965-66. However, it was completed in the year 1985. At present, there are three galleries in the museum where several art objects and sculptures are displayed. The museum is ornamented with some of the exclusive objects of art of ancient terracotta potteries, early medieval inscriptions, metal idols, antique coins, manuscripts, black stone sculptures and Dashavatara pillar.


Saidabad located in the mid way between Murshidabad and Berhampore, is a historically important place and a place of attraction for the tourists. This history of Saidabad can be traced back to the Mughal period. The premier attraction of Saidabad is the American Church, built in the year 1758s and re-structured in 2007.

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