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Historical Places in Murshidabad:

Chalk Masjid

The Chalk Masjid (Mosque) located in the south eastern side of Hazarduari Palace magnetize tourists every year. The Mosque was constructed by Munny Begum, consort of Mirjafar in the year 1760. .

Jafarganj Muqbara (Jafarganj Cemetery)

Jafarganj Muqbara (Jafarganj Cemetery) located within the campus of Namak Haram Deuri was built by Mir Jafar. The place has the graves of the family members of the Nawab of Bengal of the Najafi dynasty. It is said that earlier there was a small Garden on the place of this cemetery which Shah Khanaum Begum (Mir Jafar's wife and Alivardi Khan's sister) was very fond of.

Dutch Cemetery at Cossimbazar

Dutch Cemetery at Cossimbazar Dutch Cemetery is located at Kalkapur near Cossimbazar railway station. The grandeur of the Dutch has been ruined and 43 small tombs are there at present. Most of these pyramidal shaped monuments were built between 1721 and 1792 at.

Char Bangla Mandir at Azimganj

Char Bangla Mandir The Char Bangla Mandir located at Azimganj was built by Rani Bhavani, the Queen of Natore in the 18th Century. The most unique feature of this temple is the ‘Terracota’ (Burnt clay) works on the walls of these four temples. The mythological story and tells of daily life has been depicted in the walls of these four temples.

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