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Historical Places in Murshidabad:

Wasef Manzil

The Wasef Manzil commonly known as New Palace was constructed by Nawab Wasif Ali Mirza Khan succeeded his father Hassan Ali Mirza Khaan Bahadur at his death on 25 December 1906. The Palace situate at the South of Hazarduari. The Palace was built under the supervision of Surendar Barat, Bengali engineer and Mr. Vivian, an officer in the Public Works Department of the Nadia Rivers Division. In the year 1897 a substantial portion of this palace was destroyed in earthquake.

War Memorial at the Battle of Plassey Ground

The Battle of Plassey of 1757 has a great significance in the Indian history which paved the way for British colonial rule in India for the next 200 years. After winning the Battle the British built the war memorial at Plassey and only in recent years Government has erected the statue of the Nawab.

Footi Mosque

Footi Mosque or masjid situated at at Kumrapore, a distance of a mile from Hazarduary was built by Nawab Sarafaraz Khan. It is said that Nawab Sarafaraz Khan built this structure in one night. It is an unfinished structure which has unique architectural features that attracts tourists.

Ghari Minar

Ghari Minar Ghari Minar or the Clock Tower is a famous tourist spot located in the garden of Nizamat Fort premises in the south of Hazarduary. The dial of the clock is facing towards the river Bhagirathi. It is perhaps built for the sailors or the passengers traveling by boat. It is known as ‘Big Ben of Murshidabad’. The handle and figure of the clock is so big that it is visible from other side of the river Bhagirathi.

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