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Handicrafts & Silk Industry of Murshidabad

Murshidabad is known for the skilled workers of Ivory carving since the days of Nawabs. The craft flourished under the patronization of the Nawabs and the aristocrats of that time. Some of those creative arts are still there in the museums. But now as Ivory carving is banned sandalwood etching has become a popular art in this region. Murshidabad is also famous for brass and bell metal ware. Silk weaving industry is the chief cottage industry in Murshidabad. The raw silk weaving is a prominent industry in this region since pre - historic times. However the silk industry in West Bengal is mainly based in Murshidabad. The brand "Murshidabad silk" is not only famous across India, but also has a great demand throughout the world. Sericulture industry is the principal agro-based rural industry in Murshidabad.

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